Med Judge Dank

Med Judge Dank Ass Goat Smuggla the Third descends from the 'illustrious' Goat Smuggla family. Med Judge Dank has the booty, and she aint afraid to use it.


Strength: 3
Initiative: 31
Combat Skill: 33
Drive Skill: 27
Tech Skill: 26
Street Skill: 40
Medical Skill: 40
Psi Skill: 27
Actions: 3
Phases: 3, 6, 9

Recognise disease
Aura of Cool


Med Judge Dank is all street wise and bootylicious. She knows the grove and how to move, so don’t be getting yer juvie punk ass up in her face or she gonna splode her righteous pair o’nines an bring the pain. You dig?

Med Judge Dank

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